CASA of the Tennessee Heartland Volunteer Application

Serving Anderson and Blount Counties
P.O. Box 4426
Oak Ridge, TN 37830

This application can be submitted electronically at the end of the form or can be printed out if necessary. Be sure to press the SUBMIT button at the end. You will be asked for three references, including email addresses.
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  • Background Information

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    Please list three personal references, including: First & Last Name, EMAIL address, and relationship to you. Family members or relatives CAN NOT be listed as references.
  • Agreement

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    By submitting this application electronically, I hereby affirm that all of the information provided on this application is true. I understand that if any statement I have made is found to be false, I will be denied a position as a Court Appointed Special Advocate or, if already accepted, terminated from my CASA volunteer position. I authorize CASA of the Tennessee Heartland, and any law enforcement agency they authorize, to investigate my background to determine my fitness as a potential volunteer. I authorize CASA to procure a National Background Check including a check of the National Sex Offender Registry, driver’s license verification and social security verification. I agree to notify CASA of any incidents, charges and arrests that may occur after it is determined that I am a suitable volunteer. CASA will maintain all background check information to preserve confidentiality.

    I understand that in accordance with National CASA and Tennessee CASA standards, CASA of the Tennessee Heartland will reject any applicant found to have been charged with, convicted of, or having charges pending for a felony or misdemeanor involving a sex offense, child abuse or neglect or related acts that would pose risks to children or the CASA program’s credibility. This would also include a pending Department of Children’s Services investigation.

    I understand that the information requested in this application will be used only for the purpose of determining my suitability as a CASA volunteer. Further, I understand that completion of the training does not guarantee that I will be appointed to a case. If I have successfully completed the training and have met all other requirements, and it has been determined that I am a suitable volunteer, I understand that I will be expected to serve a minimum of two years (or the completion of a case, whichever is greater) with the program. If unforeseen circumstances prevent me from fulfilling this obligation, I will submit my written resignation to the Program Director with as much notice as possible. I am aware of the sensitive and confidential nature of this work, the official documents, reports and other material I will examine in my capacity as a CASA volunteer. I will discuss these matters only with those persons directly involved in the case or who will be consulted for their professional knowledge and expertise.

    I also understand that if for any reason it becomes apparent that my activities are contrary to the policies, goals and/or philosophy of the CASA Program, and their desire to provide quality services to abused and neglected children, or for any other reason deemed sufficient by CASA, my services as a CASA volunteer may be terminated at the complete discretion of CASA. Representation as a volunteer advocate for CASA of the Tennessee Heartland is, and remains, at the sole discretion of the CASA board of directors at all times.
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    We appreciate the time you took completing our application. Following a review, a member of our staff will contact you regarding the next steps. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the office. For security, please close your browser after submitting this form.