habit dog

We are excited to announce that H.A.B.I.T has partnered with our Blount County program.


H.A.B.I.T. court dogs have many benefits including:

  • Aids in building rapport with social service professionals during forensic interviews
  • Acts as a comfort or support for the victim and reduces stress and anxiety
  • Provides healing touch to the victim, removes feelings of social isolation
  • Improves morale among staff, reduces staff turnover, promotes continuity with clients
  • Creates a safe audience for disclosures that the child would not make to an adult
  • Supports victim while giving testimony
  • Brings calm to the court hallways and courtrooms
  • Provide comfort to victims and witnesses before and after testifying
  • Provide unconditional acceptance even to juvenile offenders and families in danger of losing custody reducing negative attitudes and defensive behaviors
  • Increases compliance with court instructions