The Longest Day of the Year

June 21st is the summer solstice and longest day of the year. While many are grateful for the long waited season of summer to come, we are thinking of our CASA volunteers and the long hard work they put in to make a difference.

Nancy Chrisman is now an Advocate Coordinator but she was a CASA for many years before joining the staff. She has put in tons of hours to ensure that her CASA kids receive the best services and find a permanent home.

Nancy wanted to share with us her longest day as a CASA volunteer.

“One of my longest days as a CASA volunteer came about when one of my CASA children was moved to Memphis. Billy had extensive medical, developmental and emotional problems so finding the right treatment program was difficult.

While Billy was in Memphis, his mother decided to stop trying to regain custody of him and his siblings so she surrendered her parental rights. Billy’s two siblings were then going to be adopted by their foster parent, who wasn’t interested in him because of his extensive problems.

DCS sent someone monthly to check on Billy but these visits were brief and typically not with someone he knew. Telling Billy about his mother and siblings was going to be a difficult job and everyone involved in the case was avoiding it. So I got in my car and drove to Memphis. It was a long and difficult conversation, but it needed to happen.

Several years later, Billy was eventually adopted by a grandparent who lost 300 lbs in order to be healthy enough to get custody of this teen. Long day in Memphis. Long wait for a safe and permanent home. But its why I believe in CASA.”

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