New Year Resolutions – 2014

By Christy Harness
What are you looking for in 2014? After putting this question out there to some people and here are the answers I got….

• Mine was simply one word…Believe…It sums up everything I want 2014 to be about.

• To make memories.

• To be a better me.

• To make positive changes in my life.

• To focus on the GOOD in everyone.

• To allow GOD to direct the journey and follow where he leads!!!

• To cut back on the diet-can-o-crack. It has been so hard to give it up.

• To have a healthier life.

• To start working out & run the Komen race.

• To find something good in each day and in every person I meet or am around. There is good in everyone for even the devil was once an angel. Sometimes we have to scratch the surface but there is always something good in a person.

• To sow good seeds that will let others see GOD in me more this year

When I looked over each answer, I wondered how they could relate to CASA and without a doubt they do!

Every child deserves to believe, have great memories, be the best they can be, have a positive life, and see the good in things and in the people around them.
The question becomes how do we make sure this happens?
The answer is YOU!!
If you want to believe in something, make memories not only for you but for others, if you want to focus on the good in everyone, or if you want to sow good seeds then CASA is the SOLUTION in your New Year’s Resolution!!!!
Give us a call today and let’s talk about where your desires fit in with CASA!!!

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