It’s April

April is an important month for us here at CASA! Not only do we seem to finally be pulling away from winter’s chilly grip, but April marks two very important observances: Child Abuse Prevention Month, and Volunteer Appreciation Week.

The week starting April 6th is volunteer appreciation week! If you see a CASA volunteer, please thank them for the hard work they do for the kids in our community!

If you are a CASA Volunteer, then you should know that those of us working at CASA simply cannot thank you enough! You are CASA, and you are the ones that make a difference every day!

How are you observing Child Abuse Prevention Month? Some things you can do are:
Wear a blue ribbon to show that you want to work to prevent child abuse
Put a blue pinwheel in your yard or window
Donate to your local CASA program!
And of course, consider becoming a CASA Volunteer!

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