Adoption Success Story!

Logan was placed in foster care from birth due to allegations of dependency and neglect. A CASA volunteer Kathy was available to take Logan’s case and was matched with him shortly after he entered foster care. As a CASA, Kathy’s role was to investigate the situation by interviewing the family members, foster parents, and service providers to assess the child’s home environment, need for services, and development. Logan had extensive medical needs and Kathy met with him and his foster family each month to confirm that he was getting all the necessary support and services he required. Most importantly, Kathy saw the child monthly and provided a watchful eye over him so that he did not fall through the cracks of an overwhelmed system. CASA Kathy informed the court about the child’s well-being, needs, and progress. She advocated tirelessly for him to ensure that he was placed not only in a safe home, but with a permanent forever family. Kathy wrote independent reports to the court for hearings and attended meetings and court proceedings related to Logan’s case. The judge took Kathy’s opinion into consideration and often accepted whatever recommendation she had knowing that her recommendations were always in Logan’s best interest. While social workers, therapist, and in-home service providers changed, Kathy remained right by Logan’s side for his entire 895 days in foster care. Logan has now been adopted by his foster family and is in a safe, loving, and permanent home thanks to his CASA volunteer. Kathy was there that day, and she joyfully celebrated with them.

CASA volunteers improve the representation for children in foster care by advocating for a safe and permanent home as quickly as possible. A child with a CASA is more likely to find a safe and permanent home and is less likely to be bounced from home to home while in foster care. Unfortunately there is a shortage of volunteers for these children and nearly 180 children in Anderson County are waiting to be matched with a CASA volunteer. You can help change a child’s life. Visit and learn how to become a volunteer today!

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