Dear CASA Friends,
What an extraordinary year to take part in this work! Your action on behalf of the abused and neglected children of our three counties resulted in 11 new volunteers serving another 50 children. The judges who rely on our CASAs require a high standard of practice, meaning we spend $720 per annum to train each volunteer CASA. That we could bear the added cost of 11 more volunteers is a testament to your generosity. Because of your investment in the work of CASA, we served over 300 children this year.
But there are 300 more children who had no court-appointed special advocate this year. These most vulnerable of people in our community need a dedicated, strong, informed, loyal voice in the courtroom. Without a CASA, they are less likely to find a safe, permanent home or receive the services they need.
In order to provide a CASA for every child, we need more volunteers. In order to supervise more volunteers, we need more staff. In order to support more staff, we need the support of our vibrant community! I’ve seen our incredible staff giving sacrificially of themselves 24/7. They recruit, they train, and they coach the volunteers. To strengthen themselves for the work this year, all our staff attended both the national and the Tennessee CASA conventions. I’ve heard inspiring stories from our volunteer advocates and I’ve seen them speak in court, the judge silencing the room while he studied every page of the CASA’s report.
As you increase your support this coming year, you speak for more children who have no other voice. As you increase your support this coming year, you take children’s names from the waiting list to that roster of humans who are known and who know that our community cares for them.
Jeremy Shipp
Jeremy Shipp headshot