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Recently, our CASA volunteer, Alfreda was assigned a teenage girl who had been placed with numerous relatives and psychiatric facilities throughout her adolescence.  Because of this she had frequent disruptions in school, and when combined with her truancy problems, she found herself at almost 18 years of age and only having one high school credit. The teen left a residential treatment facility just prior to becoming 18 years old and had no intention of going back to high school if it would take her 3-4 more years to graduate.  The teen went back to live with her mother and adult sister, neither of whom had graduated from high school.  Alfreda wanted to see her receive an education and knew the girl was bright and had attended a lot of school, despite not completing her credit hours.  Alfreda went to the school board herself and obtained special permission for the child to enroll in GED classes.  The young girl attended classes each evening, and got her mother and her sister to go with her.  She completed the program quickly and now has a GED and a part time job.  She has applied to community college and hopes to begin in the fall.  If she had been forced to return to high school under those conditions, the young woman would have been discouraged and likely dropped out of education altogether.  Alfreda was the advocate this young lady needed to help her reach the goals that she had for herself.  Be an advocate for a teen like this through our Fostering Futures Program TODAY!  Be a voice of hope. Be a CASA.

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